Confetti Carpet Has Focused On Grass Carpet Production

Starting its business life with bathroom carpet production in 1994 and drawing attention with its wall to wall carpet project it initiated in 2013, Confetti is preparing to for “grass carpet” production. Remarking that they made relevant investments for “grass carpet” production in 2014, Confetti Executive Board Member Sinan Çelebi expressed “We are planning to start grass carpet production as of spring months of 2015. We are also planning to produce grass carpets to be used in the sports industry in the upcoming period. In addition, we make investments aimed at both developing new products and our products variety and developing our production technology”. Exporting to over 40 countries including the United Arab Emirates, Russia, the UK, the USA and Germany, the company also reaches 250 different points of Turkey with its products.

Stating that Confetti has the most strong position among its rivals in bathroom carpet category, Çelebi remarked “Confetti is in a quite assertive position in carpet category in Turkish market compared to the other brands in the category. We anticipate a significant increase in exports in 2015. We are planning that our export activities will continue in a manner complying with our vision and that will contribute to national economy. In addition, we are aiming to maintain our sector leader position in our current market without being affected by the international fluctuations and to carry out activities about our aspects that we need to improve”.

Stressing that their company progresses in accordance with the objective of becoming the demanded brand of home textile in every country, Çelebi made the following remarks:

“Since the day it was established, with its qualified staff and new investments, Confetti takes firm steps towards its objective of becoming the demanded brand of carpet and home textile in every country. As Confetti, we are paying attention so that every product we design are modern and elegant. Particularly thanks to the gel carpet back coating developed specially used in all our products, we eliminate the risk of slipping. We provide the opportunity of long period of use owing to our Confetti carpets' abrasion resistant structure and non-shedding lint-free quality. Additionally, we offer healthy carpets produced from polyamide yarn threads having antiallergic and antistatic quality. Also, we create a safe environment in areas of use such as hotels, schools, mosques, restaurants etc. thanks to the nonflammable property of our wall to wall project carpets.”

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Confetti Carpet Has Focused On Grass Carpet Production