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Mission - Vision - Our Values

Providing quality and service beyond our customers’ expectations. Providing environments where our personel can continuously improve themselves.

Being a worl-class organization in the eye of our customers with our differentiating and permanent characteristics.

Protecting and managing a competitive value with potential growth through quality, technology and hard work.

Honesty, Quality and Hard-Working

Our most important asset is human. When we are strong, we are strong together. Our pricipe is to find, educate, contribute to our organization and country the best human resources whatever it takes. We desire that our human resources are focused to continious development, learning, education and experience from the first till the last day of their career. All of our personnel is the member of Confetti family. Team work is the source of continuity of our relationship in order that our organization can reach its great targets.

Our relationship with our personnel, customers and suppliers, is based on mutual respect, confidence and gain.

The only reason that brings us to work every morning is our customers, the most valuable gain we have.

The only and indispensable source of our success is to provide service to our customers beyond their expectations and being among their indispensable suppliers.

In the momentarily changing markets, the new products, better service and technology are the keystone of our business. We work to realize “the impossible” in the meaning of technology, quality and service as there is no such word “impossible” in our corporate culture.

We make efforts to become the most reliable supplier for our customers in the markets all over the world that we are currently in and those we will be in. As Confetti family we try hard to do the best we can.