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Our Policy


  • To comply with the environmental legislation in our country and to ensure to be updated,
  • To maintain continuous and measurable improvement in every possible field related to environment,
  • To determine environmental dimensions, types of the environmental impacts, and damages,
  • To minimize pollution and wastes, and to ensure disposal of our hazardous wastes in a manner that their environmental impact is minimized,
  • To provide continuous trainings for employees and subcontractors, and to encourage them to apply these principles,
  • To determine our goals and objectives in this direction, to review them every year and to announce the improvements,,
  • To continuosly develop our environmental management system in the light of these principles..


As Confetti Halı San. A.Ş., we adopt the following fundamental principles to become a reliable business partner in target markets,

  • To increse the competitive capacity and efficiency of our company, and to give particular importance to measuring, revising and continuously improving internal performance in all our processes in accordance with the total quality approach
  • To ensure internal and external customer satisfaction and thus become a preferred corporation,
  • To make sure that a Quality Management System, which pays regard to the international standards, legal requirements and special requests of customers, is utilized efficiently in accordance with the strategies and goals of Confetti Carpet, and to provide the requirements of customers in all processes with the conscious participation the employees who make use of communication and training opportunities,
  • To give particular importance to ergonomy and work safety, to ensure security of the products and to minimize potential risks for the employees in the processes of the product's design, development, production and usage in the field,
  • To make all our suppliers a part of Confetti Halı San. A.Ş. and to ensure their continuous development
  • To be innovative and environment friendly,
  • To deploy resources with a dynamic management mentality and thus to create the added value that will meet the expectations of our partners;


The most important asset of ours that will carry our company to the future in a strong position is our qualified employees who are suitable for our objectives, open to innovations and changes, having a high level of education and entrepreneurial ability and adopted developing themselves and their profession as principle. It is essential to form and develop the required human resource, to create career opportunities and to keep employee satisfaction at the highest level by using contemporary Human Resources techniques in maximum within the framework of Total Quality Management practices.